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And, We're Off!

Welcome to blog.  We'll be using it to talk about new product launches, experiences, tips and other news we want to share with our customers.  This is a quick first post which hopes to catch the spirit of who we are and what we're about.


Why Wood?

Simply put, wood is awesome.  It's relatively strong for it's size, is capable of being shaped however we'd like and it's a renewable resource.  We like the fact that our wood products are well made and are built to last a lifetime, but can returned to the earth when we're done with them.  Wood that is one inch thick can start to decompose in 3-5 years above ground (faster if buried).


What's Up With the .io Domain Name?

I'm glad you asked!  A number of web 2.0 entrepreneurs and startup companies are using .io domains.  Most people don't associate .io with the fact that it stands for the British Indian Ocean Territory - and thus under stable British rule.  Here's a great article with links to dozens of wonderful companies using .io domains.

And using .io allows us to have a short domain name and email addresses.  Otherwise, we'd have to resort to something like or something equally long and lame.


How Do You Give Back?

We donate a full 20% of our profits back towards other people worldwide through fiscally responsible and internationally accredited agencies.

We Plant Trees!

For each Wood item we sell, we donate one tree through Trees for the Future.  It's a wonderful program that we are excited to contribute to.


~ Eric Unangst


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