Increase Your Etsy Feedback With Shipping Inserts September 11 2016

One of the easiest ways to increase your feedback on Etsy and Amazon is to present your customers with a simple reminder that you care for them and that their feedback is valued.  It costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one.  Retaining customers and building a loyal relationship with them is job #1.

We've found the secret is to include a small shipping insert (a modified business card) within our outbound packages.  These only cost around $0.03 when ordered in quantities of +500.  The card we use accomplishes the following:  thanks the customer, tells them they've helped the environment, values their feedback, provides links to social media, offers help if they need it and gives them direct access to the seller.  Talk about positivity!  

We include two inserts with each order, our two sided business card and a one sided thank you card.  Secret number two is to create a custom feedback landing page.  This allows us to easily direct customers to the feedback page of the specific sales platform they used to purchase their item(s). 

Get free shipping on $25 or more spent + 30% off your order at Vistaprint: 


Guest: Huffington Post Live October 12 2015

WoodOhio owner Eric Unangst was featured on Huffington Post Live

From credit scores being a good predictor of relationship success to Urban Outfitters ending its on-call employee scheduling, Josh Zepps takes you through some of the most noteworthy business stories of the week.

Host JOSH ZEPPS  | October 9, 2015 

Featured: New York Times October 08 2015

WoodOhio owner Eric Unangst was featured in the New York Times Business section.

Amazon Challenges Etsy With Strictly Handmade Marketplace
By HIROKO TABUCHI  | October 8, 2015

Wood Ohio Plants 1,000 Trees March 08 2015

We proudly announce that WoodOhio has sponsored the planting of 1,000 trees with a donation to Trees for the Future.  We pledge to plant a tree for every WoodOhio item sold in the past and future.  It's our little way of giving back.

In our affluent world, people tend to take trees for granted.  But in countries like Haiti and Kenya, the land is up to 98% deforested. Trees are a desperately needed resource. They provide food, fuel, and building material for houses.  In Ethiopia, poor farmers feed their goats leaves and bark from the trees made possible by TFTF donations.  In turn, the goats provide the farmers’ families with enough milk and cheese to improve their diet as well as sell, so that they can clothe and educate their children.


Win a Merry Christmas Sign in our November Contest November 02 2014

Win a Free Merry Sign From Wood Ohio!
** Announcing our November 2014 Facebook Contest **

To enter, either like the Wood Ohio Facebook page or share our red merry sign.  

You'll be entered into the drawing for a free large sign in antiqued barn red.  US residents. Winner will be drawn at random and announced 11/28/2014.  No catch.


Good luck!

~ Eric Unangst
Owner, Wood Ohio

WoodOhio Launches New Colors November 01 2014

Just in time for the holiday season, we've launched a new color palette.  These 25 colors represent our most popular colors and a few new favorites.  For a limited time, use coupon code NOVEMBER14 and save 14% on any WoodOhio purchase.

Selling Handmade Items on Amazon February 18 2014

We've been big fans of Amazon in the Unangst household for a number of years now.  We use it for price checking, hard to find items and to avoid long lines and price gouging at Christmas time.  It's certainly not for everyone, but for consumers interested in lowest purchasing price, Amazon is certainly worth considering.   (Just remember to also support your local retailers as well.)
Fun fact:  I heard yesterday that the profit per Amazon employee is roughly $800,000 /per year.
I've spent a good amount of time strategically and deliberately expanding WoodOhio's online reach via a framework of social media and online sales platforms.  Yesterday, I was reading an article from the seller's point of view about Amazon and how it's such a huge market - too big to ignore.  The biggest catch for sellers like me is that Amazon requires each item in their 'catalog of things' to have a unique UPC code.  Initially, tried to list an item with four variations.  Amazon was a stickler for UPC codes and I was required to visit my new friend for a starter pack of numbers.  From what I can tell, I can reuse my UPC codes at any time I like.  
For some items - let's say small photos you've printed on canvas - you can affix the barcode directly to the items and then ship them off to Amazon en masse for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). So rather than you having to store the items (who has room for that?) and ship them out (who has time for that?), Amazon deals with all of those headaches.  Have a slow moving item?  No problem - just let it sit there until it does sell or mark it down to $0.01 and it will move out.
Amazon doesn't let you sell everything - no go to t-shirts and some other items - but anything with a barcode on it already or handmade items which you create a UPC code for is a go. 
I've decide to create a new item - and simultaneously list it on Etsy, eBay and Amazon so that I'll be able to compare once and for all which marketplace is best suited for my items.  Here's the listing:

Kitchen Eat Sign -Antiqued 

April 6, 2014 Update:  The first 'eat' sign sold through Amazon! (40 days) and was shipped to a buyer in downtown Philadelphia. 

Custom Sign Preview Tool January 12 2014

Want to test a couple of custom words for use in our large custom sign series?

We've developed a simple sign generator to help you visualize what your sign may look like.

In production pieces, we connect letters by hand as we've done with the letters o and m to the left.
If you'd like a custom preview showing your room or with modified / connected fonts, please let me know.


For best results use lower case letters.  Refresh page to try again.  Save it with a screenshot.
Here's the link:


Wood Ohio Sign Featured on Etsy Giveaways January 05 2014

My hope sign is featured on Etsy Giveaways!

For your chance to win, check out our contest at:


Have a good night!


~ Eric January 02 2014

One of the things that I completely love about is that it is a very short top level domain name.  My email address is short as well.  When people view it online or click on related urls - no problems.  For the technically inclined, again, no problems.  However, it doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as a .com domain name does.  As such, I've also purchased the domain name which points back to the domain.  I've also branded the Etsy store as Wood Ohio as

I'd love to just refer to entire business as Wood LLC, but will probably just end up incorporating as WoodOhio LLC at some point down the road.

2013 In Review December 26 2013

Just a quick note for now - and maybe I can add more to this later tonight - but 2013 was a great start to selling my handmade woodworking projects online. As most parents can tell you, it takes a lot to balance a family with a hobby that you enjoy. Turning a small profit, well that's just icing on the cake.  And a lot of work to boot.  Thanks to my amazing family for the love and support.   

We have a lot to be thankful for.  From our home to yours - have a MERRY Christmas.

~ Eric 


Integrate Etsy into Shopify July 08 2013

I've now updated the site to showcase and cross-market items from my Etsy store.

Check out how I've decided to ingrate Etsy into Shopify.


Doing so was fairly simple.  In your Etsy store and find the 'Etsy Mini' option on the left hand side of the screen.

Edit the settings to find the store view you'd like to use.  Create the html code.

Finally, create a new page in Shopify and click the icon for html code (it looks like < >).  Paste in your html and you're ready to go.

First Post July 01 2013

And, We're Off!

Welcome to blog.  We'll be using it to talk about new product launches, experiences, tips and other news we want to share with our customers.  This is a quick first post which hopes to catch the spirit of who we are and what we're about.


Why Wood?

Simply put, wood is awesome.  It's relatively strong for it's size, is capable of being shaped however we'd like and it's a renewable resource.  We like the fact that our wood products are well made and are built to last a lifetime, but can returned to the earth when we're done with them.  Wood that is one inch thick can start to decompose in 3-5 years above ground (faster if buried).


What's Up With the .io Domain Name?

I'm glad you asked!  A number of web 2.0 entrepreneurs and startup companies are using .io domains.  Most people don't associate .io with the fact that it stands for the British Indian Ocean Territory - and thus under stable British rule.  Here's a great article with links to dozens of wonderful companies using .io domains.

And using .io allows us to have a short domain name and email addresses.  Otherwise, we'd have to resort to something like or something equally long and lame.


How Do You Give Back?

We donate a full 20% of our profits back towards other people worldwide through fiscally responsible and internationally accredited agencies.

We Plant Trees!

For each Wood item we sell, we donate one tree through Trees for the Future.  It's a wonderful program that we are excited to contribute to.


~ Eric Unangst